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Notary Field Inspection

When a mortgage loan becomes delinquent the bank or mortgage company is required to send someone to the property to take photos and determine if the property is occupied or vacant and determine the general condition of the property.

There may be other reasons a bank would order a property inspection as well.

  • Mortgage Field Service inspectors never ask or inquire of the homeowner about the financial status of the loan.

  • Mortgage Field Service inspectors never collect or insist on payments be made.

  • Reasons for delinquency are not the responsibility of the Mortgage Field Service inspector.

  • Leaving a letter in a sealed envelope at the door for the homeowner to call the mortgage company may be required.

  • Some inspections are ordered simply to check for damages in a declared natural disaster area.


Exterior property inspections are requested by the bank or mortgage company to determine:

  • The occupancy status

  • The condition of the property

  • If there is any deterioration or vandalism

  • If the property has been abandoned

  • If the property is listed for sale



A person can learn most of what they need to know simply by reading the instructions on each work order.

Because there are so many different companies, there are also many different requirements at each inspection.

The instructions of a work order will let you know what photos they want, what to leave at the door (if anything), and any number of other expectations as part of the inspection.

This course will show you in general what most companies are looking for in a property inspection.

As a mortgage field services inspector, you are a sole proprietor and Independent Contractor of your own home-based business and will be entitled to all the tax deductions as any other business.  Your mileage, your cell phone, your cell phone bill, your internet bill, the square footage of the room in your home where you set up your office, are all tax deductions just like any other business.

In exchange for sharing this knowledge about the mortgage field services industry, we simply ask that you fill out the hiring application found at the end of the course. The application will be sent to at least 2 or 3 Regional companies who hire Independent Contractors.

If you were told to sign up for this course by one of your current clients and were instructed to only print out the certificate and not fill out the hiring application…  You might want to fill it out anyway.  You never know when one of the hiring companies who subscribe to this course decides to start doing inspections in your state.

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